Freediving in the Mediterranean

by   Profile Gerald   When 24th March 2017
Apnoe Kurs bei Kron Diving, Kampor, Rab, Kroatien
Static diving
Apnoe Kurs im Kron Diving Centre, Kampor, Rab, Kroatien
Apnoe Kurs im Kron Diving Centre, Kampor, Rab, Kroatien
Deep apnea
Apnoe Kurs bei Kron Diving, Kampor, Rab, Kroatien
Fun apnea
Apnoe Kurs bei Kron Diving, Kampor, Rab, Kroatien
Deep apnea
Apnoe Kurs bei Kron Diving, Kampor, Rab, Kroatien
Safe apnea
Apnoe Kurs im Kron Diving Centre, Kampor, Rab, Kroatien
Freediving- going down
Apnoe Kurs im Kron Diving Centre, Kampor, Rab, Kroatien
Apnoe Kurs bei Kron Diving, Kampor, Rab, Kroatien

A few days of vacation in Rab. Time to relax and dive with my good old buddy Andi Kron is planned. 

The welcome in Kampor is warm-hearted and relaxed. A nice evening with nice people and lots of stories. Andi tells me all about his new passion, freediving. The enthusiasm effervesces out of him:
"If you like the idea, come tomorrow with me! I have a course and there are still free places!", he grins mischievously, because he knows me very well. 
Actually I wanted to spend time with the family. "Oh, yes please", Lucie, my daughter, sitting next to me at the table, is immediately fire and flame. "I've always wanted to learn how to freedive". 
"Mhh, yes I know", I reply. She likes diving, but snorkelling was always her favourite thing. At the age of just five years, she dove down to the depth of five meters to get the colourful rubber ball there. And all this before she had learned to swim. Not easy for a father.
We start the next morning at 9:30am. Armed with a mask, a snorkel and fins, we stand at the

dive centre. Andi is already waiting for us. 

"Well, I hope all of you are good-tempered. I plan to do a few theory units,  for this we need no ABC but a waking spirit". 

My daughter looks a bit disappointed: "Always tuition. It's still the holidays"

Andi takes her by the arm and reassures her: "It's not hard, believe me"

The theory lesson works well and after three hours we are ready for a freedive.

In the afternoon we start in the bay in front of the dive centre. Static diving is

scheduled. Before we go into the water, a short warm-up unit is announced. 

Andi explains Pranayama, breathing with the diaphragm. Unbelievable how much more air you get into your lungs, if you know how to do it right. 

First the air in the belly, then up into the chest. With my big belly it is very simple. My daughter has some problems. Is it the lack of a basic requirement for her?

Static diving is very simple. Armed with stopwatches we form buddy teams. According to

the rules, the air is constantly being held, and the Buddy supervises to ensure that nobody faints. 

At the start, each of us reached around a minute. After all the exercises and Andi's instructions, everyone reached two or more minutes. In the evening there is a happy circle of divers. 

"Tomorrow we will start deep dive training", Andi grins. "I promise that everyone will make ten meters! Of course, only if you have no problems with the ears".

The next day is under the banner of Depth. Motivated and in good spirits we go by boat out into the bay. There is a lot of sand there. It is easy to find the perfect place which is exactly 10 meters deep. 

Once again in Buddy teams we complete the briefing and the individual safety exercises. 

Lucie needs only a few attempts before she reaches 10 meters. After resurfacing she has to do two deep breaths and indicate the obligatory O.K sign. She lifts up her arms and cheers. She is safe. Level 1 has been reached.

Now all of us are working on real depths. In the afternoon we look for a deeper

diving place. Here it is 15 - 20 meters. This way, everyone can work on themselves further, advancing their personal max depth. Always under the vigilant eyes of their buddy and those of Andi Kron. He attaches great importance to the fact that no one overdoes anything and all have good ears. 

Some divers undercut the 15 meter mark. Two go even deeper than 20 meters. Lucie also has a happy dad, who is proud of his daughter, and is also one of the divers who went deeper than 20 meters. 

The fun group has made the two days a special experience, but the deciding factor was the incredible peace and competence of Andi. 

Both of us will be back in Rab soon in order to get Level 2!

Written by
Profile Gerald
When 24th March 2017
Location Kampor 393, 51280, Kampor, Kroatien

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