Post-trip review 1 – Regulators

by   Profile MARES / SSI / rEvo Dive Expedition Team   When 22nd March 2017
Mares SSI XR Team at Lake Baikal
Mares XR Team at Lake Baikal 2017
DR Second Stage and 25X First Stage
Mares XR Team at lake Baikal 2017
Mares SSI XR Team at Lake Baikal
CR Second Stage
Mares SSI XR Team at Lake Baikal
Loop 15X Octopus in use

The Mares / SSI /rEvo Dive
Expedition Team have had a few weeks to relax and now we’re back on the blog, here
to give you the lowdown on some of the equipment we took with us on our
incredible trip.

First up the regulators from our
new XR range of products – the wonderful DR Second Stage and CR Second Stage.

Both are high performance second
stages which offer stable flow without excessive positive-pressure breathing
thanks to their Vortex Assisted Design. They are both slightly negatively
buoyant with no need for user adjustments and covers designed especially to
disperse water flow around the diaphragms and reduce free flow, all this with
easy to push purges, great for use with the thick gloves the team needed in
these 0°C waters.

The DR boasts an all-metal body
made from high-impact chrome and nickel-plated brass making it particularly
strong and resistant whereas the CR is made from technopolymer.

Both used 25X first stages, a
compact, solid, one-piece body made from nickel-plated marine brass. This model
offers extreme reliability and safety and is cold water resistant making it a
sure choice for our expedition.

We are proud to say we
experienced no problems with either the DR or CR regulators under the extremely
cold conditions of Lake Baikal.

After testing both, some of our
team preferred the technopolymer CR. The plastic makes the regulator lighter at
193g compared to the DR’s 269g, but we found the divers more interested in tec
diving enjoyed the sturdiness and general look of the all-metal DR more.

As well as regulators from our XR
range, we also used the new Loop 15X from our recreational diving gear. This product
stands out for being the first vertical regulator on the market, and its set-up
comes in very handy. The diver can choose whether to have it mounted on the
left or right side, it also works great as an Octopus and overall offers great
freedom of movement. Its twin exhaust valves mean bubbles exit at the sides and
don’t cloud the diver’s field of vision, a nice bonus, and breathing was

Stay tuned to find out what we
thought of our XR Drysuits!


Written by
Profile MARES / SSI / rEvo Dive Expedition Team
When 22nd March 2017
Location Siberia

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