Post-trip review 2 – Dive wear

by   Profile MARES / SSI / rEvo Dive Expedition Team   When 31st March 2017
Mares SSI XR Team at Lake Baikal 2017
Mares SSI XR Team at Lake Baikal 2017
Silicone seals at the wrists and the Aquaseal Dry zip
Mares SSI XR Team at Lake Baikal 2017
Large pockets with piping for a better grip
Mares SSI XR Team at Lake Baikal 2017
Exhaust valves
Mares SSI XR Team at Lake Baikal 2017
Thanks to Fourth Element for our undersuits!
Mares SSI XR Team at Lake Baikal

On our expedition to Lake Baikal,
the XR Kevlar Dry Suit was indispensable, and ours went through at least 10
dives each.

This suit comes with a choice of
latex or silicone seals at the wrists and neck and we all went with silicone.
Made from lightweight, breathable Trilaminate and designed for maximum
flexibility, it was perfect for easy movement under the ice.

We were eager to see how the
heavy duty plastic and ‘Aquaseal Dry’ zips faired in cold conditions and we are
very happy to say they gave us no problems whatsoever.

The suit comes with two
self-draining, four-compartment pockets. Piping around the pockets provides a
better overall grip, and we found everything easy to handle when wearing our
thick gloves.

4mm neoprene integrated boots with
a rigid sole complete the suit. Reinforced insteps are fitted and a Velcro
strap is included for the perfect closure. These boots were the perfect size
and our warm fleece socks fit comfortably inside.

Under our drysuits we were kitted out with Fourth Element
undergarments thanks to Paul Strike, the company’s founder and Managing

We used the Arctic Extreme Performance Undersuit, J2
Baselayer, Xerotherm – Thermal baselayer, Halo 3D – Biomapped Thermal
Protection, G1 Dry Glove Liner plus  5liter and 30 liter Lightweight Dry-Sacs.

All undersuits provided superb insulation! The Arctic has
not one, but two layers of insulation, making it
a perfect warmer. Hi-tech technology from the J2 Baselayer ensures dryness and
therefore great warmth. The Xerotherm was originally developed for NASA; it traps a layer of air next to the skin
providing extra heat which the team loved! The Halo 3D was another brilliant
option with its strategically placed thermal protection. All-round we were
really satisfied with Fourth Element’s offerings!

Our glove liners made from 1.5mm
hydrofoam were also great, with a bamboo
derived fabric lining inside which provided excellent thermal protection.

Last but not least, the waterproof dry-sacs with a roll-top
closure were perfect for the conditions we faced.

Next take a look at how our BCDs
and torches dealt with the cold Siberian waters, and if you haven’t yet seen
it, check out our Regulator review!


Written by
Profile MARES / SSI / rEvo Dive Expedition Team
When 31st March 2017
Location Siberia

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