Freediving: Seas vs Lakes

by   Profile Gianluca   When 31st July 2017
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Often those who live near the sea don’t even think about the fact that they can go freediving in other contexts, and lakes are great training grounds which are becoming more popular among experts and beginners who do not have the fortune of living near the sea.

Let’s take a look at the advantages of the sea vs those of lakes:

- For those who live far from the sea, during the week in the summer season lakes are the only way to train after a day of study or work.

- The temperature of the water is better in the sea. During the summer the surface of the water heats up and in the Mediterranean can even reach 28°. The thermocline moves to depth which is not particularly annoying and sometimes almost pleasant. In lakes the surface also heats up, even if less so compared to the sea, but past the initial 10/15 meters the thermocline is strong and the water often drops below 10°.

- The sea also has an advantage regarding visibility. In the summer in the Mediterranean, especially in the islands, the water is blue and you sometimes find more than 30 meters of visibility. In most lakes, the water is greener and 3 meters of visibility is normal, especially at the surface where there is almost always warmer water. At depth, the water can sometimes become clearer, but it’s very dark as a layer of murky water blocks the sun’s rays.

- One point in favour of lakes, however, is the possibility of planning dives. In the sea the conditions can prevent dives or make our activity difficult. Rough sea and at times currents can cause problems, whereas in lakes it is difficult to find waves or bothersome currents.

Now the choice is up to you. Please always dive safely and at ease.

Gianluca Genoni 

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Written by
Profile Gianluca
When 31st July 2017
Location Neuchâtel, Svizzera

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Maximilian on Sep 12th 2017
Tried free diving the first time this year with a monofin. Absolutely great experience. Also good article, keep up the great work!

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