Mares supports the immersion of the first artificial reefs in Algeria

by   Profile Emir   When 12th April 2017
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A year ago the Probiom, an Algerian network for the protection of marine biodiversity, started an ambitious program - the immersion of the first artificial reefs on the Algerian coast.

This UN-funded program is also supported by Aly Sub, the Algerian distributor of Mares. Dr. Emir Berkane, a Mares ambassador, is one of the initiators of this operation.

Three of the five reefs are immersed in Cap de Garde in Annaba, a seaside town in the extreme east of Algeria, which is becoming a fashionable destination for Algerian and foreign divers.

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Written by
Profile Emir
When 12th April 2017
Location Cap de Garde, Annaba, Wilaya d'Annaba, Algérie

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