How to clean your equipment

by   Profile Semra   When 9th November 2020
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In my last blog post I spoke about 6 things a diver can do during `corona time’. As promised, I will continue with how to clean your equipment, let's start with your ABC...

Your mask is one of your most important pieces of equipment! If you can’t see underwater, you can't enjoy the underwater world. 

Carry a spare mask strap in your BC. Also, check the silicone around the mask frame. It can get old and dirty, especially in the nasal cavity. Use warm water and some washing-up liquid to clean it.

You should always keep your clean mask in a box so that it won't be damaged during transport. Most of the time when you buy a mask it comes with a box, if not, you can find some really nice boxes for your equipment from Mares. 

Wash your snorkel too and check if the mouthpiece is ok. On some snorkels you can change the mouthpiece, not only saving money in the long run, but also better for the environment.

Also, check the straps of your fins! Always have a couple of spare straps ready just in case. Check your fins for weak spots, if they are too old you should replace them, nothing is more annoying than a broken fin during a dive.

Wash your BC thoroughly! Sometimes we don't take enough time to wash our BCs properly after a dive because we're in a hurry or because the options are limited. If we don't clean the BC correctly, salt crystals form and damage the material or the inner bladder of the BC can stick together.

• To properly wash your BC, rinse the outside of it thoroughly with cold, fresh water.

• Inflate your BC orally through the inflator tube. 

• Take a hose and let some water through the inflator hose into your jacket. 

• Shake your BC a little so that the water goes everywhere. 

• To let the water out again, hold your BC upside down with the inflator hose over a container, the bathtub or the drain so that the dirty water can drain away. 

• When the water is out, blow some air in orally so that your BC can dry from the inside and not stick together.

• Let it dry in a cool, shadowed place. 

Also see this video for more info.

Your regulator should also be thoroughly cleaned. Make sure that the first stage does not get wet. Also check that the O-ring is not damaged or missing. If you know that you will not dive for a while, you can even leave the mouthpiece in a watery denture cleaner solution. On my last blog post you can find out more about the topic.

Because we are in a pandemic, I would like to add something important: Please pay particular attention to the hygiene measures that prevail in your diving center. Do not rely on others but rather check yourself whether your equipment has been properly disinfected. To prevent your equipment from being mixed up with someone else's, mark it conspicuously.

To enjoy your equipment for a long time, you should follow the disinfecting guidelines provided by equipment manufacturers to avoid damaging the equipment.

Do you have a washing routine for your equipment? What do you pay particular attention to? Let me know in the comments below!

Written by
Profile Semra
When 9th November 2020
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