Inspired by experience – A new team of experts is born!

by   Profile MARES / SSI / rEvo Dive Expedition Team   When 10th January 2017

 'Nothing is stronger than an idea whose time has come' - This quote from Victor Hugo could have been the spark for founding the MARES SSI rEvo Dive Expedition Team. It's hard to believe that he already knew what we were after, but he was absolutely right!

 It was not exactly the quote from Mr. Hugo which sparked everything, but the growing number of leading people in our company that were looking for a vehicle to shape a team that could act as a think tank and experience tank in order to develop and test products and services for our customers that are world-class and even more customer orientated than today. 

 The fact that MARES has grown its knowledge base with the the acquisition of SSI and rEvo was the perfect start to founding a group of experts that will challenge and advise our Product Managers, Designers and R&D Members on their ideas and products for the future.

 The name of this group is the MARES SSI rEvo Dive Expedition Team which will continuously come together and exchange ideas and experiences regarding products and services while using them in real diving conditions, since not everything can be tested and checked in labs or offices. The actual use of the products while diving is therefore the key to success.  

 While within our companies our employees are already doing a lot of diving and testing with our products prior launching them on the market, the MARES SSI rEvo Dive Expedition Team will be made up of people who have not been involved in the development process, and their different scopes from diverse angles might help to make the product even better. 

 The Team will also dive and use these products in diving conditions that will be much more severe and extreme than they might ever be used in when finally launched. 

 We hope you like the idea like we do and follow our team on its journeys around the world to go farther, deeper and beyond in order to make the best products and services just for you!

 Your MARES SSI rEvo Dive Expedition Team 

 P.S.: You will learn very soon about our first project in quite an extreme environment....



Written by
Profile MARES / SSI / rEvo Dive Expedition Team
When 10th January 2017
Location Salita Bonsen, Rapallo, Metropolitan City of Genoa, Italy

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Vishwanath Rajan on Feb 21st 2017
Great initiative! Congratulations!! How does one become a part of the team?
Nicolas Dechosal on Feb 21st 2017
Hello. How can we participate?

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