Another Dive Story

by   Profile Semra   When 22nd October 2019
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Hello everybody and welcome to my new blog! My last blog was about my dive experience in Thailand. Check it out if you haven’t read it yet!

This time I'll tell you another dive story without giving you too many details beforehand...this story isn't about me or my dive experience, it’s a story about 5 Egyptian friends. This story will show you how diving connects people, and I promise it’s a true story!

As teenagers, a group of 5 Egyptian friends all decided to work in the diving industry. Most of them are from Port Said, a city which was established during the building of the Suez Canal, surounded by the Mediterranean Sea. There was some diving there, but no diving industry, and not enough to be able to make a job from it. They decided to move to Marsa Alam, many hundreds of kilometers away from their home city.

They started with nearly nothing, some even had no diving equipment, yet all of them still became dive instructors! Some then started managing dive centers, and others more than that.

Time passed and life took its twists and turns. For some, the time came to move to another country, either for love or because life had another path for them.

Today they all have different jobs. A couple still work successfully in the diving industry in the Red Sea and others are in completely different industries, however, the distance, and their new employment have not stopped them from meeting again. They all gathered their dive equipment together to meet once again in Egypt, on the Red Sea, to dive!

I witnessed this true story and I was so happy to see these 5 Egyptian guys turning back the time to their teenage years. They were so happy, having so much fun, laughing, going on beautiful dives and creating so many nice memories.

Diving connects people, it brings us new experiences and nice memories, times we'll never forget, fun with friends, family and much more!

Written by
Profile Semra
When 22nd October 2019
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Semra Yurtkuran on Nov 10th 2019
Thank you for reading my blogpost ❤️
Ahmed Shehata on Nov 08th 2019
I loved the blog, Semra!
Fabienne on Nov 04th 2019
Dear Semra Love your blog! Diving connects people and can make really good friends all over the world!

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