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by   Profile Semra   When 22nd October 2018
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About me!

Hi, my name is Semra. I’m 25 years old, German with Turkish roots and a Dive Professional who's been living in Egypt for the past 3 years, one of the nicest dive destinations in the world!

Why should you follow my blogpost?

I'll take you with me on my journey to becoming a dive professional. Yes you’re right, I just wrote that I'm already a dive professional, but I'll still learn a lot and I’m still very much at the beginning of my career. I'll also let you know a bit about my experiences up until now.

Lets start a community!

This is my first blogpost ever and I'll try my best, I hope you'll like it! If you have any ideas about topics which you're interested in I’m always glad to read them in the comments, and maybe I could even write about them in my next blog!

How I became a Dive Pro

I think this is a very interesting subject! I've never asked anyone how they got the idea to become a nanny or a cook, a banker or a salesmanager, but to work in diving is rare, so I often get asked this question.

In school I was asked what I wanted to be in the future and I answered 'designer or architect'. In the end I studied Sales Management and sold clothes in a small boutique, but that's another story...

Before I finished school, I didn’t know what I wanted to be anymore, but I needed to start preparing. I had no plans and then I did some research. I got an apprenticeship as an office administrator in a car dealership but I decided to continue searching for something else. I even did an internship in a bank. There were many possibilities, but nobody told me that I could become a dive pro! On the regular job searching pages you don't often see the job 'Dive Professional'. Maybe we can make this job more popular together!

In my next blog I'll tell you how I became a dive professional.

What's your profession? Are you already working in diving or is it a big dream of yours?

Written by
Profile Semra
When 22nd October 2018
Location Egypt

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Melda on Nov 27th 2018
Hi Semra . I have just seen your blogpost. I like your writes. And Im waiting your new blogposts. congratulations😇
Katharina Rib on Oct 28th 2018
Hast du toll geschrieben! Hoffe deine Blog wird erfolgreich 😊
Ebru on Oct 24th 2018
Semra ich freue mich deine Einträge zu lesen:)Tolle Bilder
Harald on Oct 23rd 2018
Very nice Semra. Hope to See you again, harald
Mery on Oct 23rd 2018
Super 👌🏽 Weiter so! Wir sind gespannt auf ein neues Abenteuer....ich bin fasziniert von der Unterwasserwelt!
Vanessa on Oct 22nd 2018
Hi Semra- super Seite! Freu mich schon auf neue Einträge von dir:-) Liebe Grüße aus München
Samantha Gargour on Oct 22nd 2018
Exciting new step Semra! Can't wait to follow your blog :-)

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