Semra – How I started my dive adventure!

by   Profile Semra   When 5th November 2018

Hi everybody, welcome to my second blogpost here on the Mares blog!

In my first blog I wrote a bit about myself and started to talk about my journey to becoming a dive professional. If you haven’t read it yet, check it out here!

My first dives 

I was in secondary school (at a vocational business college) where I had two teachers who started a scuba course for the students. I know this doesn’t happen very often, so I was already lucky that I had the chance to try this in my school years, but I come from a very big family, and we had never much money. I told my teachers I would have loved to take part, and that I loved the idea, but that I couldn't participate beacuse the costs were too high. It was also around the time that I was financing my driving license. My teachers decided to give me the chance to do it anyway, and I thank Steffan Link and Markus Lang so much for helping me to start this adventure!

I did the pool dives, but the open water dives still awaited me. The closest place to do them was in Bodensee in Germany, but I never did them...

Seastar Discovery, an action and modelling competition 

I saw an advert on the internet for an action and modelling competition. The advert said that it would take place in Thailand where they planned a diving course for the competitors, with the winner getting a complete set of diving equipment!

I sent an application, just to try, and I hoped that I would reach at least the semifinal to get my diving certification. Also, I had never been to Thailand! I had no experience modeling, but I had always liked being in front of the camera or taking pictures.

I was invited to take part in the casting, and I came closer and closer to the semifinals. It all become a lot better than what had actually been advertised in the beginning! The plans changed, I reached the semifinals in Egypt with 9 other competitors, and it was there that we got our certification. Following this, myself and 3 other competitiors were invited to the final in Thailand!

The other competitors already had a lot of modelling expereince on TV or with agencies, but somehow I won the competition and got my first set of dive gear!

Here I also want to say a big thanks to Martin Helmers who organised the Seastar contest, allowing so many of us to get out dive certification whilst having a nice time!

Seastar Girl 2015

What happend after Seastar Discovery? 

I finished my apprenticeship as saleswoman in a clothing boutique. I still had one more month to go, but had already planned with Volker Clausen, the owner of Orca Dive Clubs, to start as a receptionist in the diving center where I did my openwater certificate - Orca Dive Club Somabay

He is also one of the people I want to say thank you to! He told me to do the Divemaster course (Dive Guide + Science of Diving), and to be honest, before then I had no clue what a Divemaster does! I did a lot of online research, but nothing I found could really help me imagine just how beautiful this job could be! Today I know that you have to try these things by yourself. ou No website can ever tell you how amazing it is to be a Divemaster! 

Now you know how everything started. Let me know if you want to know more about the Seastar Discovery Contest. 

In the next blogpost I will write about my work in Somabay. 

Written by
Profile Semra
When 5th November 2018
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ปั้มไลค์ on May 31st 2020
Like!! Great article post.Really thank you! Really Cool.
Stefan Michl on Nov 07th 2018
Hi Semra, Thx for sharing! Quite interesting dive bio.. Please continue blogging.. BR Stefan
Viola Möbius on Nov 06th 2018
Das ist richtig gut! Es gibt nur einen Weg: Weiter! :-)
Dino on Nov 06th 2018
Sehr schön :)
Breuer Doris on Nov 05th 2018
Gefällt mir!!!
Undine on Nov 05th 2018
Thank you for sharing your experiences! I'm looking forward to your next post.
Doris Breuer on Nov 05th 2018
Hallo semra!!! Gut geschrieben! Glg d

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