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by   Profile Semra   When 20th August 2019
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Hello everybody and welcome to my new blog! In my last blog, I spoke about Frequently Asked Questions . Check it out if you haven’t read it yet.

This time I'll speak about the most beautiful dive sites I have encountered...

Jordan, Oman, Thailand, Mexico and of course Egypt are all places I have dived before. These countries each have wonderful dive sites, each more beautiful than the other, and I can only imagine how many other amazing dive sites are still left to explore in the future in other countries.

If you thought I was going to tell you the most beautiful dive site to visit, unfortunately I have to disappoint you. It wouldn't be fair to choose just one as the most beautiful, because every dive site is individual, and each person has different tastes.

Some people like to have macro, some people love to see big fish, some are more interested in corals or caves and some would just like to dive in warm water.

I've heard a lot of people saying that they didn’t like diving in a particular area, they believe it doesn't have beautiful dive sites or that it wasn't nice to dive there, then I went and did some dives and was surprised by the beauty! I saw some beautiful wrecks, a lot of fish and enjoyed my dives. I really couldn’t understand why these people had said that all the dive sites in the area were bad.

People ask me every day: “What is the most beautiful dive site to go to?”, “Which dive site shouldn’t I miss?”, “Where can I see big fish?”. These are normal questions for a diver or snorkeler at a dive center, and my answer is: 

Firstly, to see big fish, you always need a little bit of luck. We can’t promise anything and we don't want to disappoint you if you don’t see them.

Secondly, every dive site is individual, has its own characteristics and looks different to everybody. Everyone has their own tastes and preferences. Each dive site has its own magic and should be discovered.

I have dived the same dive spot everyday for a year and not every dive was the same! What did I learn? If you expect something, you will be even more disappointed if it’s not as you thought. Always have your own experience and make your own judgement.

Let me know about your dive experiences in the comments.

Stay tuned and don’t miss my diving experiences!

Written by
Profile Semra
When 20th August 2019
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