Scuba diving courses on vacation!

by   Profile Semra   When 23rd April 2019
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Hello everybody and welcome to my new blog! In my last blog, I told you what is in my bag...

This time, I’m going to talk to you about why you should go on a scuba diving course whilst on vacation.

Here in Egypt, we have a lot of tourists who come for diving, some even come exclusively for a diving vacation and nothing else. Why? Because diving means holidays, relaxation and fun, and Egypt is one of the most beautiful places to go diving. Then, there are other tourists who think about doing a scuba diving course, but say that they don’t want to waste their holiday on a course and would prefer to do it at home. I would say that some of these people perhaps just have the wrong impression of a scuba diving course. People very often say that they don’t want to stay in the classroom and study all day.

The first question is, why not have a new experience and gain more knowledge? As we know, the more confident we are, the more fun we can have. And if not on vacation, then when?

So, now I'll tell you what it means to do a scuba diving course on vacation...

The SSI Diver Diamond, for example, says that you stay in the water more than in the classroom, because you gain your experience in the water. With the SSI program, you can even read the manual at home and finish the practical part on your vacation (check with the diving center you plan on going to). Manuals are constructed to be easily understandable, so divers from the age of 10 years are able to understand them (the age depends of course on the course, for some courses you need to be at least 18).

What are the advantages of doing a course on vacation?

You can choose where to go. If you do a course in the Caribbean Sea, the Maldives, the Red Sea etc, you will mostly find water that is warmer than 20°C, the visibility is good and you will have time to complete the course. In comparison to doing a course while you are working or studying, you will be much more relaxed and able to concentrate on the course. You will not get bored and will take a lot of nice memories and knowledge home with you. You can tell your friends and family about what you learned and I’m sure you will impress them with your new knowledge. Maybe they will follow you and you’ll have a new dive buddy!

I hope I have helped you! Maybe you are already planing your first dive course or a speciality. I would love to read all about your experience.

Tell me in the comments below where you would prefer to do a scuba diving course. Have you already done a course on your vacation and did you enjoy it?

Written by
Profile Semra
When 23rd April 2019
Location Egypt

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Johan on Jan 01st 2020
I would like to bring my friends to a basic 18 m course in the Red Sea to see lots of colorful fishes. I did my basic training while on vacation in the Arctic sea, north of Norway. Loved it. 34 m, drysuit, open sea and no anchor line to follow.

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