About my work in Soma Bay

by   Profile Semra   When 26th November 2018
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Hi everyone and welcome to my new blog post. In my last blog, I told you about how I got the chance to become a divemaster. If you haven’t read it yet, check it out here!

The start of a new adventure

In August 2015 I finished my apprenticeship as a retail saleswoman. I worked for one more month, then I flew off to my new adventure. I had planned it around 3 - 4 months beforehand, and I didn’t really think about it too much - about whether or not I would like it, about what I was leaving behind or the things which could go wrong - and I think that’s why everything was so easy for me!

I’m writing this because so many people have asked me about it. They tell me it was very brave to do this, and that they would also like to take the same steps, but it’s not so easy for them.

I was 21, had just finished my apprenticeship and was ready to gain experience in something new, but I have a lot of colleges who are different ages - I’m sure everybody can do it if they really want to. The answer is: don’t think too much about what could go wrong! You also really need to want it.

About my work in Soma Bay

I had an contract for 6 months in Soma Bay. I had no idea about receptionist work, but it was fun and I liked meeting lots of new people. Everything was so new and exciting for me. I learned how to check in the guests and how to file the dives of the guests in their bill. We organized the shop and managed the stock. As well as this, I needed to do more dives!

I started in Soma Bay with just 12 logged dives, and soon after I was meant to start my Divemaster (Dive Guide + Science of Diving) training. Whenever possible they sent me diving on the house reef, from the boat, early in the morning and also on night dives. I did a Nitrox course, an Advanced Openwater course, First Aid and a Rescue Diver course.

I studied after work, on my days off, on the staff bus, on the way to work and back at home, but as much as you can read and write about these things, you will mostly learn about diving through experience! I always say to people: "If somebody teaches you something and then you practice and get the experience directly, you will learn the most!"

If you do a Perfect Buoyancy course, you will learn:

...how to dive without consuming too much air.
...how to dive without using too many weights.
...how to dive in a comfortable position.
...not to use your hands and how to use your fins correctly.

It requires practice to know how to dive correctly. With experience you will soon understand the difference, you will become a better diver and you will understand why it’s so useful to do a course.

So that was my work in Soma Bay, mainly on the reception, and after I finished my dive specialties, also helping my Divemaster colleagues as a Divemaster trainee.

Do you like travelling abroad and staying away from home? Have you ever thought about emigrating? I would love to read about it in the comments!

In my next blog  I will be writing about the top 10 reasons why you should become a diver!

Written by
Profile Semra
When 26th November 2018
Location Soma Bay, Qesm Safaga, Egitto

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RozaPlaurne on Jul 27th 2019
Great post!
Semra on Nov 28th 2018
Hi Bernd, thank you for your comment! If you have the chance to take a break of your work, I would say, do it! Do it for the experience which you can get and do it to learn something new. If you really have the whish, nothing stays between you and the step to do it. You will not regret it. I wish you all the best!
Semra on Nov 28th 2018
Dear Fabienne, thank you very much for you comment! This is really a very long time and it shows me that it can work also for long term! You know, that you are anyway my biggest role model in this case! ❤️
Fabienne on Nov 28th 2018
Dear Semra I really like your blogs. Reminds me how it was for me in the beginning of my diving career. And you are so right. Knowledge is also important but only a lot of experience will makes you a good dive pro. I left home 12 years ago (in exactly 18 days) and never regretted the move!
Bernd Winkelmann on Nov 27th 2018
Hello Semra, a really interesting block contribution. I am already working on the topic of working abroad. I could also imagine working as a diving instructor. I lured 73 dives and reached Master Diver in the spring. Of course it is not always easy to leave everything else and start somewhere else, it is also a small risk for me. At the moment I inform myself about all apartment prices, rent costs and on the other hand I am very curious if everything fits my expectations. I also have the opportunity to be released from work for a year here in Germany. That will probably make my decision a little easier. My personal goal for all these things is set for me in the next two years.

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